Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Indoor vegetable gardening is definitely related with temperature. Cooler indoor temperatures are required for root crops and leafy crops. Specific temperature requirements are important if you are growing sweet peppers, cucumber, hot peppers, beans, and tomatoes. High seventies is an ideal daytime temperature to maintain.

indoor gardening

indoor vegetable gardening

Room is the next thing to pay attention for indoor vegetable gardening, start by carefully choosing it. If you want your plants grow healthy then clearly your indoor garden room must have lots of bright windows. It is best when added by a mixture of cool-white ad warm-white fluorescent lighting.

Never use ordinary outdoor gardening soil in order to prevent unwanted diseases and insect. Instead, we can take lightweight soil mixes consist of equal parts of potting soil, peat, perlite, and vermiculite so we can get best results. The easy way, prepared lightweight soil that specifically designed for indoor vegetable gardening is available and easily found.

And remember that indoor gardening care means watering the plants more frequently yet not to over.